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Lemar Company was set up in 1984. From that time the company focus itself around plastics goods production with injection moulding technology.

From 1994 we specialize in curtain rail components production. To guarantee high quality of our products we use attested components only and well known, top market machines from Battenfeld.

As a result of wider production and PROFIL Wawer Company changes, the new KARMET Company came into existence. KARMET specializes in production of tubes with diameters 20 and 28 mm and also other metal curtain rail elements with tubes with diameter of 16 mm. As an alternative for expensive curtain rails made of alloy of zinc and aluminium we brought into market during 2005 aesthetical plastics substitutes.

We can also provide you with service of injection moulding technology production as well as with non-ferrous metals machining.

Please, feel invited to cooperation.
Leszek Wawer.

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